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Highlander Landscape Lighting Company

We provide unique, high quality lighting solutions to enhance the beauty of your home.

Our Services

Custom Landscape Lighting

Safe, long-lasting LED lighting. Uses 80% less electricity, enhances home security and safety, boosts curb appeal and property value, extends outdoor living and entertainment areas.

Custom Landscape Design

Colorful, low-maintenance designs. We provide landscape replacement and upgrades to existing landscape and new construction to be illuminated.

Decorative Ceramic Fountains and Pottery

We provide additional ambiance with the addition of beautiful, large ceramic pottery with plants and a unique selection of concrete bird baths and fountains as outside décor.

Why Choose Us?

We have 27 years of in-depth knowledge about Florida’s residential and commercial properties, as well as Landscape design and installation and plant growth habits. Should you need additional landscape or trees to get the desired effect from your lighting, we handle it all with a one-year warranty on light parts and labor, and one-year on all plant material. Use our expertise to serve you in making the right decisions to enhance the beauty of your home.


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