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Our Services

Custom Centerpiece and Pottery Décor for Residential and Commercial Properties

Add additional ambience to your entranceways, backyard gardens, waiting areas, and window views.

With the addition of fountains and large planted planted pottery, we also have a large selection of beautiful, tall, unique ceramic pottery that we convert into fountains for your viewing.

Standalone large pots are planted with a variey of suggested plantings. Micro irrigation is attached from your existing irrigation to the potted plants.

3 tall pottery pots in different colors

Custom Landscape Design

Colorful, low-maintenance designs. We provide landscape replacement and upgrades to existing landscape and new construction to be illuminated.

Trees and Palms are field-grown for larger sizes. Ground covers and hedge plants are #3 to #7 gallon. Larger accent plants are #15 to #45 gallon containers. All plantings are fertilized at the time of installation to give them a healthy head start. We do provide continued fertilization and maintenance. We bring the Plant Nursery, Lighting and Pottery to you in a Picture Portfolio.

Landscaping around front door

Custom Landscape Lighting

Custom Low Voltage LED Landscape Lighting, Design, Installation, and Maintenance. Safe, long-lasting LED lighting uses 80% less electricity, enhances home security and safety, boosts curb appeal and property value, extends outdoor living and entertainment areas. We bring the Plant Nursery, Lighting and Pottery to you in a Picture Portfolio.

Outdoor Lighting - home entrance